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Do you allow copy trading?

Copy trading is allowed, along with third party EA’s There are two versions of copy trading that we do not allow. These are:(a) copy trading between one’s own accounts. If I had several plans, I would not be able to copy trade between them. (b) we do not allow latency arbitrage (a form of

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What is the policy on Prohibited Trading Activity?

You are also prohibited from using any trading strategy that is expressly prohibited by the Company or the Brokers it uses. Such prohibited trading (“Prohibited Trading”) shall include, but not be limited to: To view all Prohibited Uses, please review our Terms and Conditions here,  https://dashboardanalytix.com/client-terms-and-policies/?v=7516fd43adaa .

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What are the trading hours?

Trading hours are set by the Broker. We do not have any control over the trading hours. You can see the trading hours for each product by right-clicking on any product in the Market Watch window of the M4 or M5 platform and selecting Specifications from the dropdown menu. Please

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What is the leverage?

We allow up to 10:1 leverage. Forex, Metals, and Indices are 10:1. Equity shares are 5:1. Cryptos are 2:1. If the Double Leverage Add-on is purchased, Forex and Metals will be 20:1.

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